Jetson carrier with integrated PoE?

Hi all,

I’ve been looking at solutions on this forum for powering my Jetson Nano via PoE - there are certainly a few options available that involve using a mezzanine board or PoE Hat of some kind (here and here), but I was wondering if anyone had successfully created a carrier board that has integrated the PoE circuitry?

I thought I’d ask because this exact circuitry is described in the Product Design Guide (Section 3.2), so maybe someone had done it and would be willing to share

What kind of DC-DC converter circuitry did you use to connect the J38 header to the Nano? And which power header did you connect to?

Thanks in advance!

You can refer to this topic: Running Jetson Nano without direct power supply (using PoE)

Hi Trumany, thanks for responding!

The reason i made this thread was because those designs are not integrated into the circuitry of the board. Using a mezzanine board DC-DC converter also doesn’t seem af compliant, which will probably be an issue in my application.

I figured I’d ask because PoE is surely something that someone has designed onto their carrier design. I was hoping someone would care to share it.

I’ve done this. What is it you want to know? There are a huge array of options for PoE interface circuitry when one is designing a custom PCB.

Analog Devices through their acquisition of Liner Tech have a range of interface ICs with excellent documentation. You may want to start by looking through those options. LINK

Hi PCRobert!

I am bad enough at electronics to hope that someone would share their Altium Designs for an integrated PoE powered Jetson Nano carrier board.

My dream is to have this board but with integrated PoE.

I get that there are plenty of design guides/info on PoE, but I’m far too inexperienced and was hoping someone could share their completed design of a PoE powered board.

I charge for that sort of work, so we can negotiate if you’d like to purchase/commission a design. I think you should be able to access a contact email in my profile.

I think it would be a squeeze to fit PoE in the footprint of the Antmicro board you’ve linked. I’d suggest that between those files and the design resources I linked, even a less-experienced electronics designer should have a good chance of success at making a physically larger board though.

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