Could you please tell the details about Jestson nano Developer Kit POE Standard and Maximum Power Output getting from POE.

Hi, please refer to below info in nano design guide doc:

The P3449 carrier board includes a 4-pin Power over Ethernet (PoE) header (J38) which brings out the VC power pins of the Ethernet connector. To use this alternate PoE power mechanism to power the carrier board, the design would require a power converter to take the high voltage PoE supply (38V-60V) and convert it to the correct voltage for the custom carrier board. This could be the 5V that the Jetson Nano Developer Kit uses, or a different voltage depending on the design of the custom carrier board.

Can you Mention the POE STANDARD of RJ45 in jetson nano Carrier Board.

DC current/voltage rating-pse pins: 600mA MAX@54VDC (Continuous).

IEEE 802.3af is validated on devkit. Please refer to that.

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