Jetson nano Dev-board 5v tolerant GPIO

Hi, I am interested in seeing what voltage levels the jetson nano carrier board can have as an input. It looks like the carrier board contains a level shifter and based upon the level shifters datasheet it appears that level shifter is tolerant up to 5.5V input.

Am I correct? Is there a known issue using 5V input on GPIO through the carrier board?

Please check the docs in DLC for more info.

It is 4.75v ~ 5.25v as recommended for VDD_IN, and VDD_INmax = 5.5v.
Two 5V pins of GPIO connector J41 can be used to power the developer kit at 2.5A each.

Hi, thanks for the reply but it doesn’t answer my question on GPIO input pins.

What’s your question? Known issue of 5v GPIO pin? No.