GPIO input using DC 5V signal

GPIO input using DC 5V signal

I am using Jetson nano UPS.
I will use the DC 5V signal of the adapter to manage the power of Nano.

The circuit is simply DC 5V-330Ω-GPIO.

First, is there any problem in receiving and controlling the 5V signal?

Next, when receiving a signal from some video, they were using 3.3V and past 10KΩ.
If it does, I think the current of 0.33mA is too small, but it was operating normally.

What are the minimum and maximum currents that the Jetson nano can recognize?

Hi, the rated voltage level of GPIO pin is 1.8V or 3.3V, please follow that well.

Trumany // Thanks for the answer.

I need to find a way to input it by changing the 5V signal to 3.3V.

Can you answer the second question,

How much current can the Jetson nano’s GPIO read?

In general, the current should be > 2mA to get good rising edge.