Powering the Jetson Nano using the J41 Expansion Header

I am trying to power my Jetson Nano 4GB through the GPIO pins to provide it with the maximum possible current. According to this post, I can provide up to 3A per pin. However, the Jetson Nano User Guide, found here, states that the pins accept 2.5A per pin for a maximum of 5A. Which of these is correct?

Also, are there any officially recommended power supplies and equipment to power the Jetson this way? I’m worried about frying my Nano if I don’t do this perfectly.

Finally, can I provide the input power to any GPIO 5V pin, or is it specific pins on the board?

Thank you

It is up to 3A per pin. The 2.5A limit is for more safe. In fact, Jetson nano power consumption won’t reach so high.

We don’t have such power supply recommendation.

Only the 5V pins of J41 are available for this use case.

Thanks for your prompt response.

To clarify, my system will be running lane detection and Yolov7-tiny for object detection. The system will be connected to 2 USB cameras, a single CSI camera, a LiDAR sensor, and several IR distance sensors. Even with all that, it still won’t need 6A of current?

Realistically, do I even need to supply 5A or 6A through the GPIO pins or would providing 4A through the barrel connector be enough for a highly intense workload?

The real module power consumption depends on the use case, you may need to run the most heavy workload to find out that. And the IDDmax (@5V) is limited to 5A as you can see in the data shet.

Thank you once again. One more question about this: Is there some tool that shows the Nano’s current draw? I’ve checked under jtop but that only has power draw. It doesn’t show me voltage or current, so I can’t determine exactly how much current is being drawn.

You can use command line “tegrastats” to show power/current of several main supplies.

Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your help

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