Power Jetson Nano over J41 power pins 2/4

Can the jetson-nano be powered safely over J41 pins 2/4 and ground pin 6 with 5V 2A input from PDB (Power Distribution Board)? Thanks in advance…

Hi Linux4all, yes these pins can be used to power the devkit (up to 5V⎓3A per pin, 5V⎓6A total).

Thanks for confirming dusy_nv. Much appreciated :)

Is it safe to power the nano at 5V5A on one pin on J41 or would it be best to split the output on the following board to 2 separate power pins?


Looks like i can use pins 5,6,7,8 for splitting the output into 5V3A per output.

It is up to 3A per pin on J41.

Hi @Trumany ,

On the Jetson Nano J41 Header I can use pins 2, and 4 for input of 5V/2.5A each. What ground pins are recommended for use? Pins 6, and 9?


Yes, ground pins of J41 or others are OK.

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