Power Jetson Nano with gpios

Can anyone plz guide me how to power jetson nano with gpios ? I want wiring details ?
Im trying to integrate with esp32 with my jetson nano in order that as soon car gets on it give a digital signal on esp32 as it gets high my nano gets on.

I know I need to connevt 2 5V pins and GND pins of nano but howwww???

Please guide me

The pin 2 & 4 of header J41 is VDD_5V, you can connect the pins to positive of your 5V power supply, and connect one GND pin (pin 6/9/14/20/25/30/34/39 of J41) to negative of your power supply.

If you need more than 2.5 amps (2GB for a total of 5A) or 3 amps (4GB total of 6A), yes.

I have RTSO6001 board ,it only has 3v3 pins …no VD_5…what to do now

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