Power Jetaon Nano through Gpio Pins

Hi there.

I am trying to power my jetson nano through the gpio pins 2,4 & 6. Each 5 volt pin is connected to its own 5v volt 3 amps power supply. (They are decent power supply’s) The jetson board logo goes on and then the unit goes into safe mode (switching off).
Can anyone please adive on a path forward how to power it through the gpio pins.


Hi, the pins you choose are on correct 5v input path. Did you try USB cable supply or DC Jack supply from other power source? Is there any device attached or heavy loading during power on? Did you use a 5v @ 4A or higher power supply to validate?


I have powered it before through the usb and it went on. Loaded the OS system… want to connect it now through the SDK manager and flash it. Waiting for my power supply to arrive so did some searching and read that you should be able to power it up through the GPIO pins with 5V 3 amps and having 2 of them it was said you would power it with 6 amps?? So I did follow that instruction with nothing plugged in, not even a screen and still switches to save mode??? Will wait for my DC power supply to arrive then. Just wondering why it is not working

If possible, you can use an oscilloscope to capture any voltage drop so as to verify if the power supply is good enough. Or test with better power cable, i.e. shorter, thicker and better contact one?

Okey thanks. I will try that and see if that solves the problem.

Appreciate the assistance.