Jetson Nano power supply

Hello everyone, I saw on the dedicated Nvidia site that it is possible to power the jetson with a 5V 4A or 5V 6A power supply. Do you think it is a good idea to power it with a 5V 2A power supply? What are the risks? Thanks to all for the availability

5V 2A may be not enough with some use cases.

From what I’m seeing, 5V3A won’t even let me log in.

I’ve researched that until I’n cross-eyed and frankly, with my current work load, I’m not interested in messing with this much more.

Powering my Nano from the micro-USB connector with a 5V 2A power supply works fine. I can install the OS, log in, build and run several CUDA demos. No problems.

But using a 5V 3A power supply connectsd via the barrel connector (with the power jumper installed,) The Nano powers down within seconds of logging in. This is really odd behavior. Why would a 2A power supply work but not a 3A supply?

I’ve thecked the power for the barrel connector on an oscilloscope and it’s stable at 5V with no dips or spikes until the Nano shuts off. Then there’s a small (maybe 0.1V to 0.2V) spike that quickly transitions back to 5V (looks like a cap is discharging,) Other than that the power is rock-solid.

I’m starting to think the board is defective or there’s a configuration that needs to be done to allow me to use the higer current power option.

It is weird since the 5V supply after convert of USB and DC Jack are connected together. Did you try other DC power supply than this 5V 3A one?

I ordered a 5V 6A supply that should be in tomorrow.