Jetson Nano - Alternative External Power Supply

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I just recently purchase Jetson Nano Developer Kit. Currently still struggling with external power supply options that can be used to power this board externally. Do you have any recommendation on what type of power supply i can use to run this things ? (battery, power bank).

The recommend power supply from Jetbot section is INIU Power Bank. Is there any other alternative power supply that is compatible with Jetson Nano ?


Refer this post,

I use this one;

Hi Sir,

Thank you so much for your reply.
I’ve been thinking to power up the Jetson Nano externally using Lipo Battery + DC-DC to converter (5V]. However, i have some question that might need your advice.

  1. What is the maximum current that can be supplied to barrel jack ?.
    Assuming it is a constant 5V.
  2. Do barrel jack can accept 6V as a safe voltage margin ?. My system will utilize a lot of peripherals such as sensors, wifi dongle, camera and etc. As you may know, there is a going to be a power dissipation that have to be taken into account. By having slightly higher V would help to compensate the power loss.

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I would recommend about this Jetson nano Datasheet at the Download Center.
You may find electrical conditions.