Can I power Jetson Nano with power bank?

Hi, I just bought an Nvidia Jetson Nano. I would like to ask something about its power supply. May I know can I use any power bank to power my Jetson Nano using the barrel jack as long as my power bank output is 5V/4A? And what if my power bank has multiple voltage current output at one port, will my Jetson Nano automatically drive the voltage current that according to its need?

Cool question - as long as your power bank’s output is 5V/4A, it should be good to go with that barrel jack! As to the multiple voltage/current combo, sorry, can’t help you there; you’d have to check the manual to be sure. Good luck!

I will suggest that if the voltage and current are within range, it should work, but the quality of regulation matters. A lot. Jetsons are quite sensitive to poorly controlled power rail voltages, so the power bank has to be well regulated. @xkaliburmamba08 is correct on the voltage/current. Nano’s do use the 5V, but many of the other Jetsons can use a wider range. It depends on the carrier board.

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