Jetson intermittent barrel jack power problems

Im getting weird intermittent power issues on the barrel jack. i have the original jetson 2gb nano, and i have the adafruit 5v 4amp power supply with barrel jack. i have the jumper on j48. 5 or 6 times i plug it in, the power LED flashes on and off quickly. then sometimes it stays on long enough for me to see nvidia splash screen. once i saw the ubuntu log in screen and i just unplugged it myself during testing. i had already been using this board with the flashed sd card image… i had set up ssh and a bunch of stuff. now i get these booting problems. any ideas?

i only have a HDMI screen… pretty powerful screen… connected. i took out the wifi and booted with HDMI to watch the behavior… same things happening so i dont think its the wifi module or my HDMI. this happens when only power is connected also.

i think its something with the power supply. i tried with another power supply that does 5v and 4 amps and it works fine no problems.

i had originally bough the adafruit 5v and 4 amps from this list. this had worked fine up until now.

the only thing that has changed recently is ive been using my Geforece RTX2070 at full blast so who knows maybe the adafruit is not good at competing on the same line? i tried it in the bathroom still same problem so maybe something went wacky with the supply.

the only thing i have changed lately is adding a wifi module to the board. other than that i was using a ghetto jump made from jumper wires connected to each other so maybe i wacked the power supply somehow. after adding the good old fashioned jumper it still didnt work until i changed powersupplies

Jetsons are picky on power supplies, but also beware that 5.5 mm outer diameter jacks come with either 2.2 mm inner diameter or 2.5 mm inner diameter connectors. Both work, but using the wrong one implies the contact on the inner conductor may not be very good when they are mixed. Not positive, but I think the ID of 2.5 mm is correct for Jetsons. Can anyone confirm ID of 2.5 mm?