Jetson Nano doesn't stay on when powered by GPIO pins

I’d like to power my Jetson Nano by the GPIO pins with a Pixhawk flight controller, but the Jetson Nano doesn’t stay on when I do so.

At first, the Jetson Nano would turn on for around 5 seconds before shutting off completely. After I shortened the power cables twice, it stays on for a bit longer before shutting off, then it turns back on after being off for a second and so on – this loop seems to continue until I unplug the battery from the Pixhawk.

I don’t think this is an issue with the Pixhawk, so I’m wondering if something needs to be configured in the Jetson Nano to prevent this? Or maybe the connection between the cables I’ve spliced together are causing a problem? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, which GPIO pins do you mean? It looks more like power capablity issue, you may also need to check the voltage drop on power cable.

I was trying to power the board via the 5V and GRND pins, but I learned the Pixhawk 6C Mini I’m using only outputs 5V 1.5A from the telemetry ports, which is likely the problem. Thanks for your response!

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