Jetson Nano 2GB turns off every 20 mins

I am using the Jetson Nano 2GB version with the Turtlebot’s OpenCR board for power through the GPIO pins. For whatever reason, the Jetson Nano turns off exactly 20 minutes (down to the second) after it is first turned on; This happens regardless if the power mode is set to 5W, 10W, and the number of peripherals on the system. Interestingly, peripherals still receive power despite the Jetpack being unresponsive (Lidar sensor still rotates without flinching) and going into a black screen. However, if I power the Jetson using power from the wall, it runs indefinitely as expected. Any theories as to why this is happening?

P.S. The Jetpack version I am currently using is 4.4.1 as 4.6.1 did not manage to work whatsoever on my 2gb nano.

“Turtlebot’s OpenCR board for power through the GPIO pins.?”

Not sure the board design, and that required their BSP package to get device work normally.
I don’t have answer for this, it’s better to consult with vendor.

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