Power 2GB Jetson Nano dev kit over J41 Header 5V/GND pin

Hey maybe you can help me.
I wanna try to power my jetson Nano with the 5V/GND pins. Therefore i use a ZY12PDN USB-PD Trigger module and my power bank but nothing happend at all. The Nano turns on when i use my power bank and its USB-C power port so it has nothing to do with my power supply. Do the pins/ Jetson Nano have any enabling processes like Raspberry does?

Hi, the 40pin header is J6 not J41 on 2GB devkit. Per Nano 2GB devkit user guide: The two 5V pins can be used to power the developer kit at 2.5A each. (Do not power the developer kit via these pins and USB-C connector at the same time.)

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