I broke my usb-c connector in nano

Hi ,

I dropped my nano and broken the powering USB-C, can anyone please help me on how to power up the board in any other secure way.


There is no USB-C port on nano. If you mean Xavier, please check the development kit user guide in DLC for other possible option.

Jetson Nano 2GB dev kit(P3541-) uses USB-C to feed power.

You can refer to the link in DLC as below. The 40-pin header includes the power pins.

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yes, i am using that model.

the pcb tracks are also broke, any possibilities to turn it up.

thanks, as mentioned in doc, i gave the external power supply from standard SMPS 5V 4A output, power LED flashed for a second and turned OFF. shall i give a try with 5A output

Hi, have you tried other power supply? And also you need to read the devkit user guides in DLC for the power on steps.

Note that the power has to be very well regulated. This would shut down even with a correctly rated voltage if regulation is not of sufficiently high quality.

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