Jetson Nano 2GB Power Bank

Hello, I am a new user of the Jetson nano 2GB Developer Board. I read a post on the forum that said that this powerbank:
works well with the Jetson nano board. So I was confused on whether this would also work with the Jetson nano 2GB board if a USB C adapter is used? Also, if the two are indeed compatible about how long would the Jetson nano 2GB board be powered by the power bank before brownout?

Thank you very much for your time!

The power supply request is USB-C power supply (5V⎓3A), we don’t have suggestion on this third-party power supply. The work time depends on power consumption of use case.

What power bank would you recommend for use with the 2GB developer kit?

Hope someone has experience can be shared. We have no recommendation on this.

I’ve had great success using Anker USB-C Power Delivery power banks with the 2GB Nano. Make sure its the PD “Power Delivery” versions.