Jetson Nano 2 GB Carrier Board Burned from GPIO pin, What about type C socket, still can work?


My Jetson Nano 2 GB Developer Kit which has 945-13541-0000-000 serial number, is burned out. I was trying to use Jetson nano from GPIO Pin, and i gave 5V volt from my ASUS 350 Watt power supply. In Developer Kit’s carrier board, i am seeing only U9 Component burned out. U9 is a buffer 74LVC1G126GW.

So, is it still possible to use my Jetson Nano 2 GB from type C power socket without any replacement. I mean, is it going to work from type C power socket without U9 buffer.


The 5V can come from type-c connector J2, but U9 is for POWER_EN, if it is broken, the power on sequence might not be triggered.