Jetson Nano 2gb carrier board IC datasheet / replace burned out U6

hello, I burned out an IC on the P3541 carrier board "U6 " next to the fan header, also their was something else under it maybe a smd cap / resistor? isn’t there… directly under the U6, on the step file it is 0402_H060. I cant seem to find it anywhere on the downloads page, I found it on the step file, for the 2gb carrier board, jetson nano. I found a post talking about U7 and U8 , but on the step file the U6 is its own part number 115-0138-000_1. It burned out on me for some reason when powering from 5v header pin. seems like the only thing that burnt / missing. Not sure if I can just bypass this some how but the board doesn’t turn on with the USB-C all the other U 7 8 9 etc next to J11 are still there and look fine. the U6 was noticeably burnt … magic smokin’. I rather replace the two parts, or if theirs a bypass or schematic I can figure it out… but I cant find anything besides the step which is not labled. I dont use J11 or J12 so if its possible can I swap one of the U 7 8 9 etc… to the U 6? I might be missing D2 next to the J11 header, I see it in the STEP file but its not there on my board… dunno if its supposed to be…
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115-0138-000 is logic buffer 74LVC1G07. Can you share a photo as I don’t find U6 anywhere either.

U6 Next to header for fan , on 2gb version carrier, got it from nvidia amazon store about 2 years ago… P3541 is the model number on back. then this is the D2 …

I mean I already removed it, the U6 , but under it , there is a resistor or something as mentioned above.
But that U6 is what smoked up when I powered off the external power supply that was set to 5v 2.5 amps … it was working fine then I powered off the power supply ( one of those DSP project hobby power supplies.i guess it back fed it or something 🤷‍♀️. I mean was working fine until I pushed the off button . Either way can’t find a replacement board for what I got this for back then. Might as well try and fix it, but I’m not sure if that’s the issue why it’s not turning on or that D2 diode up by J11. I got nothing plugged into it except the sd card at the moment.

every time I make orders from digikey I always forget to order this little stuff that wont cost anything since Im already paying the shipping for the other stuff I’m messing with, heh but this runs my pick and place machine … and im getting back into something with that now

U6 is 74LVC1G07.

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