Jetson Nano 2GB board schematics


I just destroyed my Jetson Nano 2GB board by connecting a USB-PD power adapter set to output 20 V to it (yeah, don’t ask how I managed to do it, I just did it).

I notice that either the U7 or U8 IC is getting very hot, but I have no idea what’s its part number.

Therefore, I’m looking for schematics so that I could buy a new one and try to replace it.


Schematic is not released yet. U7 and U8 are NC7SZ38P5X.

Thank you so very much for replying!

The information checks out for U7: the datasheet indicates a Z38 marking for the SC-88A packaging, and that’s indeed what I see. I’ll try to procure one piece of it to replace it on my board.

However, U8 has a different marking (looks like VN followed by an equal sign with a third dash on top, i.e. something like ||| rotated 90º). The datasheet does not list this as a possible marking. Can you confirm?

Still, I was expecting this to be e.g. a voltage regulator or SMPS IC. I tested the 3.3V rail and it’s at 0.1 V. Point being that I’m not sure U7 could be sole issue here – only way I could think it is would be if its output controls the enable pin of a voltage regulator downstream.

Thus, I’d like to ask whether there is a plan to release these schematics soon, seeing as fixing a board without a schematic is very difficult. Failing that, would you be able to supply the schematics to me alone, prior to the general public release? I’ll sign an NDA, whatever you need. I just want my board back, I had just received it yesterday ):

Please refer to schematic of P3449 in DLC (, Q50 & Q51 in it are same to that.

If can’t locate the issue, you can run RMA process for it.