Need Help finding the part number - Jetson Nano 2GB


I was working on a project recently with an esp32 connected to Jetson Nano 2GB through USB, and had a L298N and a couple of motors connect connected to the esp32. To power the motors, I was trying to use a separate power supply, which was also connected to the esp 32. But, I carelessly hooked up the power supply in reverse and killed the nano. While troubleshooting, it seemed like the short is at U1. But I was unable to find a schematic to determine the part number. I tried using the 4GB schematic, but it seemed like the numbering system was different.

I would like to ask if it possible to provide me with the part number for U1 (Please see the attached image), or let me know whether there is some solution I should try before trying to replace the part.

Thank you in advance!

The U1 is GS7615STDB for USB VBUS power.

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Oh awesome. Thank you!

Also, is that same as U11 by chance?

U11 is GS7612S5MA

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