My Jetson nano 2gb did not respond after mistakenly connecting the 12V power supply

My Jetson nano did not respond after mistakenly connecting the 12V power supply. After connecting the 5V power supply, the display did not respond and the power light did not light up.
We tried to remove the graphics card and only leave the download board to check the problem. It was found that the power light came back on after the chips U9, U7 and U8 were pressed by fingers, and it was found that U9 became very hot after being powered on for a period of time.
I don’t know whether it can be returned to the factory for maintenance or whether replacing U9 can make the Jetson nano work again? I don’t know if our wrong behavior will make nano completely unusable. Please help me very much!

Seems same topic like this one Input OVER power to Jetson Nano, please refer to the comment in that topic.

The schematic diagram corresponding to the link you sent seems to be jetsonnano, and my board is jetsonnano2gb version. Do you know whether there is a corresponding schematic diagram?

The carrier board is same.

I downloaded the document and looked at the corresponding content. The components number in the document is not consistent with that on the carrier. Should I match them one by one?

What’s the part number of your carrier board? Isn’t it P3449? You can find the number on board.

The part number of my carrier board is P3541.What should I do?

P3541 is number of devkit (module + carrier) not carrier. Your carrier should be P3449, same as nano.

Thank you for your answer, but I have repeatedly confirmed that my board is inconsistent with the schematic diagram of P3449. Although they are basically the same in function and module, their device number and position on the carrier board are different, and the power supply interface of the schematic diagram provided by P3449 is DC port, but my 2GB carrier board is type-C interface, so I can’t say they are the same, I would appreciate it if you could provide the schematic diagram of JetsonNano2gb version! Please reconfirm.

Can you share the full carrier board part number (not P3541)? It should contain version info. The number should be like the type of xxxx-xxxx-xxx.

Or can you share a photo of your set?

It should be “MODEL:P3541 180-13542-DAAF-A02”.

Got it, the carrier is P3542-A02, its schematic is not released. U7/U8/U9 of it are same to U50/U51/U55 of P3449. If you can not fix that, you can try RMA.

ok, thank you. I want to ask about RMA. I bought the jetsonnao from yahboom of Taobao, but the customer service said that man-made damage cannot be returned to the factory for repair. I want to ask whether there are other ways to return to the factory for repair?

In addition, is there any big difference between A01 circuit design and A02 circuit design? Which modules are different? Can I repair A02 by referring to the schematic diagram of A01?

No other ways since service team said so.

What do you mean A01 schematic? P3542 schematic is not released.

I mean the P3449 schematic.

Hello, I’d like to ask what is the corresponding chip of U9 (MP2384 chip) on jetsonnano4gb carrier board and jetsonnano2gb carrier board? What is its component model and device number? I want to check the 3V3DC part of my jetsonnano2gb carrier board, but I didn’t find it . Please help me, thank you!

U9 of A02 is same to U55 of P3449-B01.

Thansk for your reply. But I mean, which component does U9 on P3449-B01 correspond to on A02?