Repair the P3541 carrier board power stage

I accidentally connected a 12v adaptor to my 2GB jetson nano for a second and now it fails to turn on (The power LED is off). I had a jumper between the “Auto On” pin and the “Disable” pin on J12, so I guess the main module should not be damaged. However, I can’t find any document on the schematic of the carrier board so that I can check for damaged fuses and regulators. Nothing looks odd or damaged on the board so I don’t know where to begin.

P.S. I was powering the board using both 5v GPIO pins when it happened. Using type-c USB doesn’t help as well.

Update: It seems that the “Module Power ON/OFF logic” section is not working since U5 is getting hot upon connecting the power supply to the board. I don’t know if anything else is damaged or not. Can I somehow bypass this section to see if there are other damaged parts or not?

Hi, there is a fuse (F1) that might be damaged. Also you can use multimeter to check if shorting between 5V and GND exists. If does, that might need to remove suspected components one by one to locate the failed one.

As I said, the problem seems to be with the “Module Power ON/OFF logic” section (Namely U5 U7 U8 U9). Can I manually bypass this section and manually select my GPIO pins as the power source? Could you please give me a link to the schematics of my boards?

You can try that.
What we can provide are all in DLC, currently 2GB carrier schematic is not public.

Could you guide me through that then? What pins should be connected to imitate the logic circuit for the case that GPIO pins are the input?

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