Jetson Nano Board Blown Up

I have a carrier board RTSO 6001b , was powering up my jetson nano via Buck i.e 24V to 5v . Suddenly smoke clouds observed and it got blown up.

I have many more boards with same schematic, all are working …im just amazed what has happend to this board. PLEASE someone explain the reason .

You can see in the picture that one resistor has got blown

I know nothing about that carrier board, and couldn’t even answer on a dev kit carrier board. However, was this as you plugged in a live power cable? If so, then it isn’t unusual to some power connectors to “lack precision” during the insert, and possibly either bounce (with surges) or momentarily short on something else.

Incidentally, a very large part of such power failures will leave the power delivery circuit on the carrier board dead, but leave the module (and most of the carrier board) undamaged. You could move the module to a known working carrier board to see if it is still functioning. If it is, then maybe a new carrier board (or replacement of just the damaged components) would get things running again.

Hi, better to check with the vendor of carrier board first. This looks like some power components are damaged, maybe by shorting or others.

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