Reason for burning a Jetson Nano

Hey guys,
I suddenly burned my Jetson nano and I want to know the reason.
I was supplying the board with 5V and 2.1A. I was looking for a way to enhance the performance of my Jetson nano that’s why I changed the consumed power from 5 W to 10 W(many time). As soon as I made this change, I had the message that “System throttled due to Over-current.” So I was confused and I plugged my Jetson nano with my Laptop USB-port to supply it. After 2 min the jetson nano shut down and the led doesn’t want to work anymore.
I’m not sure what I did but I think, I burned the U67, C315,C57 as shown in the next image:

I tried to plug the micro-USB with power again, but nothing happen only the three sinkers starts hitting up.
It will be cool if i can repair the jetson nano.

Your power supply can only deliver 5V*2.1A = 10.5W at ideal conditions. The 10W power mode of the Nano is an average value, there may be peaks where higher currents are required. So you most likely overloaded your power supply.
In case your Nano is the 4GB model you may try supply power (which can deliver 4A current) through the barrel jack instead of micro-USB.

Thank you for the help. I never question i kept toggling between the 5W and 10W mode a few time can this be the reason why i burned my board

Changing power modes should not cause any kind of “meltdown” of a component. As long as power was supplied at 5V the worst case would be that the Jetson powers down, and does not have any kind of actual damage from heat (I see in the picture that one of the pads looks like it heated up enough to melt the solder, but not sure).

Jetsons are a computer though, so any kind of surge protection you would use with a desktop PC would be needed for a Jetson as well if the power source has spikes.

In most cases when something like this happens it is only the carrier board which has failed, and the module tends to be ok. I am guessing you don’t have a second carrier board, but if you do, then you might try swapping and seeing if the problem follows the carrier board, or if instead the problem follows the module.

If the carrier board has died, then you should probably RMA.

i’m really greatful for your support. you have right the pads was heated up until the solder was melted. I find this weird that every time now when i plug my jetson nano with power the pads starts heating up but nothng happens. I need to know if this sign has any explanation

I have to conclude that you have hardware failure. If still in warranty I suggest RMA. If not in warranty, then I suspect the module itself is ok, and only the carrier board has failed.