The carrier board of the jetson nano is not behaving like it used to [Jetson nano 2gb]

Since recently whenever I connect a power supply to the jetson nano the LED(which indicates whether or not the device is running/booting up) is ligthing up instantly. Originally though the LED only used to light up after the power button was pushed. When pressing the power button in it’s current state it is able to boot properly and I’m able to connect to the device via an SSH connection. However when shuting the device down the LED will cease glowing and the jetson nano cannot be turned on again not until the power supply is disconnected and then reconnected again.
Furthermore when attempting to power the device via the 40-pin-expansion-header through a setup that used to work properly it can be observed that a lot more current is flowing through the circuit than it used to with that setup which worries me.
I’m assuming that the carrier board is slightly damaged but I just wanted to make sure that there isn’t any other possibility as to why the board is acting so strangely.


so after the device boots up, everything works fine for you, but it just have some problem regarding power supply?

Can you get anything from serial connection when you try to turn it on without disconnecting and connecting the power supply?

I think it’s 2.5A for each pin, so you are getting more than 5A in total?

Hi DaveYYY,

thank you for your response.

The main problem is that the board is behaving strangely. The LED shouldn’t light up immediately after the power supply is attached and it should be able to boot up again after it has been shut down without having to disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply again. The power supply itself should be alright. I’m currently powering it via the USB-C Port since this setup always works.

I’ve tried but as soon as I shut it down there is no response at all from the jetson nano.

2.5A is as far as I know the maximum current one pin can handle but that’s not what I meant. What I meant is that usually when I power the device via the 40-pin-expansion-header there is a small current that flows through the nano of about 42mA when the device hasn’t been booted yet. When the device boots up/is running usually it requires a current of round about 600mA or so. However when attempting to connect the device now via the 40-pin-expansion-header there is always flowing a current of 300mA through the nano although I haven’t even started it yet. This concerns me because it didn’t used to be this way.


sounds like it is some hardware issue, and may not be recovered with software.
(Maybe it is short circuited to cause the high current.)
I’d suggest you file an RMA for it.

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