Jetson nano dosen't boot

Hellow. I am using the Jetson nano 2G board.
My problem is not booting properly when repeating physical power on/off in succession.
The power supplied by USB power.(ctype,5V3A) However, if this power supply is quickly repeatedly(10sec interval) turned on/off, the device does not boot properly. At this time, the board power LED is on, but booting is not completed by software. The reason for this estimation is that even when the screen is connected, it did not go to the booting stage and nothing appeared.
Also, the LAN port LED does not blink at this time. Since the network connection may not have been properly established, remote access through ssh is also not possible. However, if the interval between power supplies is maintained for more than 30 seconds and repeats, it will boot normally.

So I would like to know if this is an already reported problem. Has anyone encountered the same problem? If so, how did you fix it?
(only a few of the nanos I have have this problem and other boards are fine.)

You can refer to the page here. Try sdkmanager + dump the log may help clarify the problem.