Jetson Nano Low Voltage Warning


My power supply is 5V/6A from the Nvidia distributor, everything is ok, but if I plug in my portable monitor with USB, the “System throttled due to Over-current” comes out. Is it the problem with the board?
I use above 80% of each CPU, I wonder if it will affect the speed?
Also, it that any setting I can turn off this warning completely? I did turn it off by clicking the notification, but it comes back after on/off.
I did look at these link, but no answer


This is not a warning. This may indicate the loading on your nano is causing over current.

Please try to switch the power mode in nvpmodel and see if the issue could be enhanced.

I need max performance in my application. :<
So, there is no way to turn the warning off?

I don’t think you understand the error…this is not a warning. It means the current already over the module spec. More over current will make your jetson hardware broken.

Ok, thx. If I use another power supply with a fixed at 5.2V, there is no warning.

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