System throttled due to over-current with IMX219-120 Camera


I have a 4GB Jetson Nano running 18.04 LTS and JetPack 4.6, set to MAXN power mode.
I am using the barrel jack connector to power the Jetson with a 5V 4A adapter. Without the camera it works fine, when I plug in the CSI camera (IMX219-120 Camera) if the Jetson is ON (running), it immediatly turn off, instead if it is off when I turn it on during the boot there are multiple line with the warning: OC ALARM 0x00000001 and after the boot the warning “System throttled due to overcurrent”. Also, in the last case I’m not able to do anything when it is on, mouse and keyboard are not working.

I’ve tried with a USB camera and it worked… It seems to be a problem only with the CSI camera
What can I do or try to solve the issue?

hello ric1196,

please check this similar thread and overwrite the OC limit for confirmation,


I’ve tried to change the crit_current_limit_0 to 5000 as suggested in the other post but nothing changed. As soon as I connect the camera the Jetson immediatly power off.
Any other suggestion?

I found the problem, it was related to the camera and the place where it was mounted.
Nothing related to the software.

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