Overcurrent Warning with Barrel Jack Power


I have a 4GB Jetson Nano running 18.04 LTS JetPack 4.6

I am using a DC Bench Power Supply with a barrel jack connector to power it. As I read it’s recommended to provide over 2A of current when many peripherals are connected, which is certainly the case with my setup as I am also connecting a stereo camera. Typically the nano draws significantly less than 2A as displayed on the power supply, but when running any intensive algorithms with the camera, it can reach up to 2A but never higher, as it will display an overcurrent warning: “System throttled due to overcurrent”.

It’s set to MAXN power. I believe it should draw more than 2A, but for some reason, it’s somehow limited to 2A, which is limiting its performance. Is this normal?

I have read this topic (and others) topic 168820
and the suggested workaround of increasing the instantaneous OC limit does not work for the nano as the c250000.i2c directory does not exist.

here it is…

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I tried to check the default limit before modifying it. I expected it to be around 2A but it seems to be 32 .7 A?

/sys/devices/50000000.host1x/546c0000.i2c/i2c-6/6-0040/iio:device0$ sudo cat crit_current_limit_0
32760 ma

Am I missing something?

hello CVautos,

it should be undefined value which shows the maximum,
you may overwrite the OC limit to check if the value changes.
for example, # echo 5000 > crit_current_limit_0

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