Does cellphone fast charger brick Jetson Nano?

I’m just bought Jetson Nano for only 1 day, using exactly 1 hours to test whether It can boot or not. First I use my fast charger 5V-3A because I see many people using 5V-3A MicroUSB so I think this is okay. Now I realize that they use power supply not a cellphone charger and my board no longer boot anymore. Can my silly action damage the board? I don’t have 5V-4A DC 2.1mm to test yet and I so scared to plug it in again. Does the board have any kind of protection against user mistake :(

Micro USB port can be used as power supply as well.
And I think 5V 3A would be enough.
Does the green LED light when you plugin in the micro usb cable?
It should not cause damage to your board.

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My fast charger rated 5V 3A or 12V 1.5A

Did you accidentally use 12V 1.5A?

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I dont think so :( But perharp. Cause My bluetooth speaker and mouse keyboard also rated 5V-800mA , Kindle Paperwhite 5V - 1A but I use it normally for years. The charger has controller board and I dont think it pump 12V 1.5A to Jetson nano but not the orthers.

The fast charger :
The normal charger:
I try both of them and none of them make jetson nano green led light up. Earlier, the fast charger working and I can boot into the mainscreen but after plug keyboard, ethernet, Green LED didn’t light up :
The store sell me said that using phone charger can damage the nano board because charger differ from power supply but I see many people use charger with micro usb too and they still working normal but some have same issues. I just wonder can it damage my board :(

Thank you. Yes, It light up for seconds then no longer light up. After I change from 5v 3a charger to 5v 2a charger and change the better cable, it also didn’t light up. My fast charger rated 5V 3A or 12V 1.5A so I don’t know whether it can damaged the board but I also use it to charge Kindle PaperWhite, Arctics Headshet, My Bluetooth speaker + keyboard any device in my house normally. Like this picture:

5V won’t harm it, but unless it is well regulated right at the moment of boot, then boot will not occur (very likely the unit is unharmed). Voltage from the supply at the connector has to be very stable at the instant of turning the unit on. If the unit does not boot, then it probably just means the charger is of insufficient quality (a longer power wire causes issues, as well as a thinner power wire causing issues…resistance on the wire makes regulation more difficult).

12V would cause damage to the carrier board.

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Now I use a 5V 4A barrel jack and it work normally. Fortunately, my action doesn’t damage the board.