Nano B01 stops working on DC Jack

Hi there,

on my robot I’m runningNano B01 powered by a DC Buck converter. It worked fine for several days without any issue. Yesterday, it stopped working for some reason. First of all, Nano turns off without my request. It was able to boot again right after. This happened again 2-3 times and finally, I heared some horrible noise (this silent noise you hear when electronic dies). I didn’t see any smoke but the carrier board itself smells a bit.

I’m still able to power it with USB, so the Jetson module itself seems to be fine. There might be an issue with the carrier board itself. I had a close look but didn’t see any damage
I did some measurements with voltmeter. DC Jack has 5.04V, which is fine for me. I measured betweeen 5V and GND of 40-Pin GPIO header. Here I measure 2.43V only.

  1. Is there any fuse, diode or other part I can check or replace?
  2. is there any protection circuit when powering by USB or GPIO headers?
  3. is it possible to purchase carrier board only?

As I’m not sure what happened here, I’m going to replace the DC buck converter (one of these chinese 200W adjustable modules) by a MeanWell converter. However, other components of robot like base controller, sensors powered by the same source are still operational.

BR Patrick

I won’t be able to answer, but most likely you will need to RMA the unit. Dev kit boards are not sold separately, and from what I can tell the carrier board is most likely the fault when power failures such as this occur.

It is important to know that Jetsons require good regulation, and that if your power source is not very stable, then the Jetson will tend to shut down. In addition to this, you do need to avoid power spikes which could actually destroy power components. When run from a battery this is not usually a problem, but if either (A) there is another component drawing power from the same buck converter, or (B) there is an inductive loads (such as motors) anywhere that a surge can be created from, then that load must be isolated as well if there is any possibility of a power spike.

I don’t know which components to check, but there is some protection circuitry on the dev kit carrier board which probably failed.

Hi, it looks some capacitors or ESD devices failed, you can refer to the devkit carrier board schematic ( to check the diodes and big capacitors on the DC plug routing, like C315, D34, D63 and etc.

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