DC power supply battery voltage

I’m trying to power the Jetson Nano (Carrier Board Rev B01) with a 6V battery. From the schematic, the voltage regulator takes an input voltage range from 2.7V to 18V. However, my 6V battery does not turn on the board. If I plug in a 5V power supply, that seems to power it up fine (after applying the DC power jumper on J48

Some more background: I was powering the board using a USB power bank, but I’ve attached a LiDAR module to the Nano, and the power bank apparently doesn’t provide enough current to run both. It ends up dying on boot when the LiDAR is connected (via USB).

Hi, the power supply is requested to be 5V. 6V battery is higher than that. Have you tried other powerful 5V supply, like a DC power supply?

Yes, it powers on fine with a 5V DC power supply, or a USB power supply.

I’m using this board in a mobile robot, and 5V batteries aren’t commonly available. What is the tolerance to the DC input jack?
The voltage regulator (U58 – TPS25944L) on the carrier board is 2.7V to 18V. What is preventing a higher voltage from being the supply voltage?

It is due to the design request. The DC supply is up to 5.25V.

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