Jetson Nano

I am trying to power-up the JETSON NANO board with Micro usb.
It is 5V, 3A power supply.
I have loaded the power supply with 3.1A and made sure that the voltage does not drop.
I have removed the jumper J48 to provide power via micro USB.

I found the carrier board schematic on forum.
According to the schematic, I should read 5.0V on either C315 or C318.

I am not reading any voltages (only 0.30 to 0.40) across either C318 or C315.
The output of ic U67 is 0.30 V.
The input pins of U67 showing 5.0 Volt.

Any suggestions ??

Hi, is it a new devkit or not? How long have you used it? It looks like U67 issue. What’s the result of using DC power supply from DC Jack?

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