Choosing power source for Jetson nano when using on Mobile Robot


I’m using Jetson nano and I have some trouble with the battery when using it.
I planned to use a power bank (which often used for mobile phone) with 5V - 2.5A.
Unfortunately, when I used some peripherals like Realsense Camera or USB Wifi card, Jetson Nano was power down. It even occurs when I completely start the Jetson and plugin it after that, and not happened when I using DC Barrel Jack (5V - 4A)
So anyone who has the experiment in design mobile robot with Jetson nano can tell me what power source I can using for my Robot?

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The maximum power consumption of nano can reach 20w+.
5V-2.5A is not enough for it.
On Robotics, usually we have lithium-ion battery, with DC-DC. The current should be enough.
Make 25W power budget for the Dev Kit will be enough(better 30W).


Hello juns, thanks for your reply.
If possible, can I know some refer product relate lithium-ion battery?
As my knowledge, these type of battery often drop the voltage after using time, so how I can face it? I know that the jetson just working with the voltage > 4.85V.


Usually on robotics, the battery choices are 7V, 9V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V.
And during POC/demo people don’t have budget or time to design the power sub-system, or buy a customer carrier board.
I would suggest to use DCDC like this, which you can buy it on amazon. In most of the case, it would be enough.

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Hi, many thanks for your time,
I knew about this board, but when I used it for other application, I see that this module output voltage also drop down as the input. For example, when I using Buck to reduce the voltage from 12V (LiPo battery) to 5V, when Lipo battery’s voltage drop, the output drop too. This converter just divides the voltage with the ratio base on rheostat which includes on this board.
So I am looking for some power products which has a stable voltage or bucks module has stable output.

Got your point. How about this one?
Several our customers using it. And in my memory, the voltage will not drop on it.

Thank you juns,
I also found some buck modules which has the same feature as your suggestion on some local stores. I will buy and try it tomorrow.