DC Barrel jack problem

Is there a trick to make the DC jack power the Nano? Mine does not when using a 6v 3amp wall wart.

Take a look here, search for “J48”:

If that jumper is in place, then the barrel jack can be used. Without that the barrel connector won’t work.

Yeah, I tried that one. Still nothing. I hooked the power supply up to a DMM just to be sure, and that’s not the problem.

Can your board be power up by USB? Did you measure the voltage of DC jack when plug in?

Why 6V? I don’t know what the voltage cutoff is, but 5V is recommended.

Yes, USB works just fine, and probing the underside of the DC connector where it’s soldered on, it also reads the correct voltage. Why 6v? It’s what amazon had at the time with 2A.

It is requested to be 5V input, please try that.