Jetson nano's power supply ports

I am following the ‘Getting Started’ instruction. There are 2 dedicated port for power input.

  1. why there are 2 different ports?
  2. In the instruction, the Micro USB port is used, what if I use the DC Barrel Jack instead of Micro USB for setting up?
  3. for later general use, which one is better?
  4. instead of different ampere, is there any differences between them?
  5. do they cause different processing speed for nano?
    Thank you

The only difference is the supplied current. DC Jack is for higher power consumption.

Does this higher power consumption cause higher speed or performance of the Nano. Is there any beneficial to use the barrel jack instead of micro usb?

Some use cases need more power that USB supply (up to 2A) is not enough, so DC Jack supply is necessary.

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