Jetson nano all usb,hdmi not working

Suddenly the usb port , hdmi port stop working . The power is there in the Jetson nano but any device if I connect to the Jetson nano usb , they are not getting power up. This is 2nd time , I am getting the issue . One board unused due to same issue. This is a serious isuue. Please help me in that way.

Have you checked below post to select the suitable power supply?

If you are using USB there is a jumper which should not be connected (details of the 2-pin header differ based on revision). If you are using the barrel connector, then the jumper should connect. Either way the power supply should be described, but barrel connector can supply more power if the supply itself is working.

Also: The micro-USB cannot be used as a regular USB connector, it can only be used for either (A) power, or (B) as a device…the micro-USB cannot be used with devices, e.g., you cannot connect a keyboard or mouse. Only the full-sized USB can handle mouse/keyboard type devices.

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