Jetson Nano- Ethernet, USB, HDMI Not Working


I am facing the issue of the whole row of connector ports (HDMI, USB, Ethernet etc) not lighting up and it’s not working, while the light indicator of main power remains on. Two unit of Jetson Nano under different condition, faced the same issue, below are some elaborations:-

Case 1

  1. It’s connected to power supply unit of 5V, 10A, shared between two units of jetson nano, the aforementioned issue happenned on one of the unit.
  2. Both units constantly having overcurrent warning, does this related to the mentioned connector issue?
    (Checked with multimeter, those having this warning is on 5.08V while power plug that having 5.16V & 5.18V didn’t show the overcurrent (under voltage) notification)
  3. Both are not running on any application yet.

Case 2

  1. Powered by direct plug 5V, 4A. No overcurrent notification but similar situation happens after using for a while.

Both units are having the jumper on J48 & it’s powered by Barrel Jack connection.


  1. Ethernet, USB, HDMI is not working
  2. Overcurrent notification (suspecting under voltage) while connected to 5V 4A power supply.

Found the threads of previous post, the problem seems like more focusing on powering up option between barrel jack & microB.
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Hi, are these devkit or custom board? Are these brand new units or not? Did you try official power dapater coming with devkit?

It is the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Development Kit 945-13450-0000-100, brand new unit.
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It doesn’t come with power adapter/ plug. Is there any possibilities that you could think of based on the described situation above, especially on the Focus 1- All the port (USB, ethernet, HDMI etc) are all not functioning, reboot and it stays the same with issue.

Do you have any log info when this happen? Have you read the user guide and follow its steps? It needs more info to check what the problem is.

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