problem with the power supply

i got a jetson nano and it booted only with the usb but only the hdmi screen work no camera or mouse, When I use a 5V&4A power supply or gpio pins it doesn’t work completely, the product model is P3450 and i just bought it week ago ,i need a quick reply and thanks in advance

Could you provide detail info about this? What’s the meaning of “no camera”? Does it can not be open or system turn off when open it? Also please provide the log file of power on with usb and of status of “no camera or mouse”.

well sorry for the missing information ,when i use the usb power supply which is which is 5v&2A i only can turn on my hdmi screen when i connect the camera and try to open it just it turn on my jetson turn off.
on other hand the gpio pins and the power jack which is 5v&4A both doesn’t work completely i tried both of them and the screen doesn’t work or anything else i checked all the connections and they was right what could it be?