[hack solution] strange booting problem with barrel power supply

No issue with USB 2A, headless or not.

No issue with barrel supply 4A, connected to HDMI screen. (It does complain about the last failure, and want to report to Ubuntu.)

When I use barrel supply without HDMI output, Jetson nano will

  1. green light on
  2. boot up for a few secs
  3. fan on
  4. power off

The WiFi modular was never light up. It will repeat so unless the following is done.

What I did is,

  1. attach an HDMI connector (doesn’t matter if there is output device), start it up (it will fail as described above).
  2. detach the HDMI connector, it boots up successfully.

Not an expert on Linux, so I didn’t spend the time to diagnose through UART.

Hi adk67hg,

I think it should be power supply issue.
Please using 5V 2.5A power supply and add jumper to disable usb power on J48 pin.

I think you missed my post. I used 5V 4A barrel power supply and face this issue when it’s not connected to a HDMI screen.

Hi adk67hg,

I am wondering how could you tell nano boots up successfully if you don’t have UART or even don’t have HDMI monitor…?

Also, not sure what is the real problem. Is this an issue for wifi module or nano power up issue?