Jetson Nano power jack 5V 4A not working


I was using Jetson Nano 4GB powered from jack using a power supply of 5V and 4A with the jumper at J48 and all running perfectly but today when I plugged the power source it doesn’t turned on, it even turned on the fan plugged at J15.
I measure the voltage form source power and when is plugged on jack and both resulted at 5.25 V. It is installed Jetpack 4.6 and the power mode was setted as MAXN. I also checked if the board was damaged swapping the power supply to the USB type C with 5V and 2A, removing the jumper at J48, and worked just fine.

Las time I powered on the board with a DC source providing 5V and 3A max. Is it a possibility to damage the board using this source on Jack power entrance?

I am turning upside down the internet chasing someone that had this problem and solved, but unfortunately I did not find anything close and ended here asking for help!

The power supply would not damage board if its 5V is stable. The current depends on use case running with module. Seems the load switch (U58) of jack supply is broken. Please refer to the P3449 schematic in DLC, check the 5V output of U58 to confirm if it is broken.

Thank you for your quickly relpy!

After trying to understand the problem we noticed when were handling the board we damaged, as presented on the image below.

Looking the P3449 schematic the mark nº 1 (red) is a Zener Diode but could not figre out which one from schematic and maker nº 2 (blue) looks like a resistor, but still unknown. Can you help me showing its numbers on board’s schematic to fix it?

Please refer to the P3449_B01_PCB_assembly_drawing.pdf in package for the components location.

Unfortunatelly the file P3449_B01_PCB_assembly_drawing.pdf does not refers to same board schematic I have. I am looking for schematic of old Jetson Nano, P3448-0000 A02, board, but I am not being able to find any assembly documentation.

A02 version doc is not released as it is a early version board for development only.

so I am not able to check the schematic and understand what exactly I ripped of?

Can you tell the part number of it, like "U58“, “D33” or others?

As the image above where problem is identified with colored marks, it does not have a proper number to the part, but the zener diode is from P3449_B01_assembly_drawing.pdf it looks like the same as D63 (red arrow), and following the same idea for the ripped off resistor is the R448 (blue arrow) next to D32 close to J50 connectors.

Thank you so much for time and effort! It does look it is solved the problem and the issue could be closed.

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