Help with finding chip

Hi guys. Some time ago i suddenly buent my jetson, so its 3v3 supply not works. I tried to figure out which chip was burnt and find whis little U9 dude. i unsoldered it, but could niot find any chip with these marks i red on it. Now i want to solder similar chhip on its place, but understood that i dont have any markings. In schematics i found i see MP2384 or TPS62823DLCT, which are not compatible with footprint on board. Board is the first revision, bought it as a preorder, so as far as i understand no schematics for it. Can anyone help maybe with photos of similar chips on your boards or correct marking of DCDC converter whch is sutable?

It is MP2384 on B01 board, or EM5841CVT on early A02 board.

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