Nano Product Design Guide and Evaluation Module Mismatches


I’ve developed a custom carrier board for the Jetson Nano. I’ve found the boot process a little difficult to understand so I’m debugging some signals. In the course of my debugging I’ve noticed that pin 232 and 234 seem to be swapped (232 is I2C2_SDA and 234 is I2C2_SCL). I’ve confirmed that (232,234) is connected to (5,6) of the onboard EEPROM (U11 - also not mentioned in design guide). I’ve scoped the lines and confirmed that 234 is a clock signal and 232 is data.

Why the discrepancy? Are there any others? Are there updated documents to show the current pin assignments?


Hi, current nano docs in DLC are for B01 version board which is also the former release version. I think yours is an early version board like A02. The pins are swapped on B01.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve purchased two evaluation kits (first nano never booted, stuck in recovery mode) from two vendors (both vendors on official vendor list) and both units I received have the following information:

Carrier Board:
Model: P3450
SN: 0421119xxxxxx
SN: 0421519xxxxxx

Nano Modules:
Model: P3448

How would you suggest I get matching documentation and hardware? There’s no way to specify from a vendor that you want a particular version. Could the old documentation be provided? What version of the module will be sold stand-alone (i.e. not in a development kit)? Any idea when that’s going to happen ( still says June)?


The docs in DLC are what we can provide currently. As for the early version docs, i think you will need to contact vendor to see if can get from other way.

Ok thanks for the feedback but are you suggesting I contact Digikey (seeed) and Newegg (whom I bought kits from) and ask them to provide accurate technical documents? I expect they would just refer me back to NVIDIA.

Instead of getting documentation to match hardware, how about getting hardware to match documentation. What is the best way to get the current version developer kit that matches the documentation?


The latest timeframe for Nano module availability is mid-to-late August, as said in topic: