What is the difference of Jetson Nano from each other?

Hello As I see the jetson nano 4GB has some distributor and some kinds of names.

DIGIKEY and Seeed studio calls it 102110417.
DFROBOT calls it DFR0629.

And I found the information of it’s actual part number (B01 version) - 945-13450-0000-100.
Also, I learned that previous version of B01 is A02 (945-13450-0000-000).

I hope to know whether these products(102110417, DFR0629) are accurately same each other or not.
Also, I hope to know these are all same version(B01 version).

If these have difference each other, let me know what is the difference

Please find Jetson product part number from Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

Just some incidental trivia related to this…

Jetson modules have a lot of pins, and many of those pins can be programmed for different functionality. Those modules mount to a carrier board, and if a manufacturer wants to, they can change pin function to better suit the layout they want. Two carrier boards could for example have exactly the same functions and connectors, but one might swap two pins of the module and reprogram them to also be swapped in the module compared to the other. The drivers would be the same, but swapping one module for the other on the different carrier boards would result in those functions failing or behaving oddly. The device tree is how those functions are set up and how the pins know what arrangement of options to use (a.k.a., “firmware”).

Third party manufacturers normally supply their own board support package (BSP, the flash software). If the manufacturer chose the exact same layout as the NVIDIA dev kit, then they might just tell you to use the NVIDIA dev kit flash softaware. Otherwise the manufacturer might provide either of:

  • A patch to apply to the NVIDIA software, basically a device tre.
  • A whole new set of flash software, which in turn is mostly the same as the dev kit flash software, but with device tree (and perhaps branding) edited.

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