How do you tell different versions of Jetson Nano from each other?

I’m trying to buy this version of the Jetson Nano based on recommendations from a friend;

However sparkfun says that one is backordered, and I want it now, so I googled around trying to find other sources. However it’s very very hard to figure out if the other vendors are offering this exact version, or really, even, what version they are offering.
Is there some guide somewhere on the exact official names of the different versions there are and what each version is? (I do wish your naming scheme was simpler, even just Jetson nano 1, Jetson nano 2, Jetson nano 3, etc…)

Hi @seanrowens, this is the what is referred to as the “B01 version” of the Jetson Nano Developer Kit (4GB), which is the latest revision that replaced the previous and should be what all units are shipped as (for about a year now). The actual part number of this B01 version is 945-13450-0000-100 (whereas the previous A02 version was 945-13450-0000-000).

An easy way to check from the pictures is to see if it has two of the MIPI CSI camera headers. If it does, it’s the B01 version. You should be able to get it from Amazon/Arrow/Seeed Studio in addition to the other distributors found through this page:

Thanks! That helps, as long as the vendors put up the correct pictures.