Jetson Nano Carrier Board 3v3 Regulator

Hi all,

While debugging issues powering the Nano via the 40-pin header of the Carrier Board I realized that the 3v3 regulator IC (U9) is not the MP2384 as is shown on the schematic.

I searched the markings of the IC (EM 5841C 0LC0017), but have been unable to attain a datasheet. Can anyone provide information on the 3v3 regulator (U9) used on the Nano Carrier Board?

I was not experiencing this issue powering via the 40-pin header on some units that were unboxed several months ago. In case anything changed in the design/manufacturing of the carrier board: the serial number for the carrier board is 1422619051620.


Hi, there are two kinds of chips. One is EM5841CVT from Excelliance MOS Corporation for A02 board, one is MP2384 for B01 board (as listed in BOM in DLC).

Thanks Trumany!

I was able to find the component on the website of Excelliance MOS; however, datasheets are not available on their site (so far as I can tell).

Can you point me to a datasheet for the component?


We can’t share datasheet of third party device, please contact vendor for that.

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Hi Trumany,

I have been unable to find a schematic for the Jetson Nano Carrier Board which uses the EMC5841CVT component.

Could you please point me to a download for this document (A02 schematic)?


They are pin compatible, its schematic design is same to MP2384 which you can get in B01 schematic.