Nano P3449&P3450

we have a Nano kit model:P3450 ,but I found the SPC in web was P3449
where can I get the specification for model:P3450
have found P3449 have Q42 for USB insert check inversion,3450 don’t have this one.

Hi, P3449 is the P/N of carrier board, P3450 is the P/N of dev kit. Only carrier board schematic is public here in DLC:

Hi thanks for you reply,
this mean the Dev kit`s P3450 carrier board are different to P3449.
and the design schematic P3450 is not open for us to use?

No. P3450 = P3448 (module) + P3449 (carrier board), P3448 schematic is not public.

We found some inconsistent between the Schematics and the existing PCB , for example, there are J50 on the Schematics, but there are no J50 on the PCB. There are J40 and J44 on the existing PCB.

The schematic in DLC is for production dev kit (B01) not for early board (A02), if you plan to design a custom board, please refer to current schematic in DLC. There is no doc for A02.

P3449(B01) Schematics have Q42 for USB insert check inversion, But there is only level shifting in the Design Guide, without mention of inversion, which is easy to misunderstand.

Thanks for the finding, we’ll check and update.

It will be updated to more detail in OEM DG.