Help with burned out power IC

Not sure What happened but I haven’t been able to find the 2gb carrier board components list. I’m not sure if this IC is the same as the regular Jetson nano carrier board. But I had a 5v external powersupply connected to the GPIO pins everything was working fine. Then I turned it off * the external power supply * And I guess it back fed the IC. and I saw some “magic smoke” The IC in question is Next to the Fan Pin with a U6, Seems like the only IC that went . It wasn’t under load when It fizzled. I tried connecting through USB after and did not power up.
If I can replace that one IC then I should be good to go, I just need to know what it is so I can look in my collection of misc scraps / ICs for something comprable to swap in.

Thank you
picture attached.

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