I accidentally plugged 12v into the 5v GPIO input

Hi all,

I have 2GB nano which I accidentally burned (?) which 12v input to the 5v GPIO.

Now, it boots into the splash screen for 1 second and then crashes.

Any way to fix this or I should order a new one from Amazon?


GPIO is normally 3.3V, not 5V, but there may be a jumper which selects between 3.3V (default…not sure about jumpers on a Nano, but many other Jetsons have a level select jumper) and 1.8V. I am only guessing, but probably something fried on the carrier board, including the level shifter. This is one of the rare cases where it might have also fried something in the module itself, although I suspect the module is ok. In addition to the level shifter it is also likely that some of the power supply rails were lost. I don’t think it is worth your time to try to fix this. I’ll suggest that you don’t throw the old unit out, and unmount the module to try later, but purchase a new unit. You could find that the module itself still runs correctly on the new carrier board (which you cannot purchase separately), so you’d have one good carrier board and perhaps two working modules.

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Thanks for the answer.

I just ordered a new unit.

I thought that it’s possible to power up the nano through the GPIO instead of the USB type C, am I wrong?

There are some 5V rails which you might power up through, but GPIO goes through a level shifter to either 3.3V or 1.8V and is not directly connected to a rail, so this is not possible. Now if you meant to say “the header which has GPIO, but via the 5V pins”, then it could work, but I don’t know for certain which pins and what limitations (someone else would need to answer that).

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Yeah, I meant the 5v pins next to the 3.3v and 3 GPIO.
Next time I’ll just connect it to the type C connector after verify 5v and not 12v :D .

Thanks again for the help!

Can I just switch the SD card from the broken one to the new unit?
Will it work or some other things need to be done?

It might just work, but it depends (assuming both are dev kit models it probably would work). You’d have to try to find out. There is a possibility that if some sort of power issue destroyed your original carrier board it might have also harmed the SD card.

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